1520 Large Oval Pneumatic Head Ash Wood hair Brush


1520 Large Ashwood Oval Hairbrush
1520 Large Ashwood Oval Hairbrush

1520 Large Ashwood Oval HairbrushLarge Oval & Small Oval Haibrushes


The most popular style of our Original Handmade Italian Wooden bristle Hair brushes. A classic shaped Large Oval Ash Wooden Bristle Hair Brush with natural rubber pneumatic fixed head. Guaranteed to give your scalp that wonderful massaged feeling with no static. One hole is empty to maintain the integrity and structure of the pneumatic head.


$45.00 each

Additional Information

8 1/2 " long x 2 1/2 " wide. The head of the brush is 4" long and 2 1/2 " wide. Handle is 4 1/2 long and 1 " wide. No replacement heads are available.

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